Demain is French for tomorrow. We can shape it together, starting today.

Who are we?

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, current planning tools are no longer sufficient. We’ve brought together our atypical backgrounds, our complementary practices and our expertise in futures studies, to offer you a complete range of foresight and business strategy services. We are La Société des demains.

Foresight does not predict the future, rather it’s a discipline that aims to prepare us today for everything that does not yet exist.

“The future belongs to people who see possibilities before they become obvious.”
—Theodore Levitt


Over the years, we’ve selected the most effective tools from many proven methods in the disciplines of business strategy and foresight. We combine these techniques with our respective experiences in research, analysis, management and group facilitation.

Trends & Signals

We’re passionate about finding glimpses of futures that can be detected today. Using weak signals, change drivers analysis, and scenarios, our team helps decision makers to consider all potential outcomes.

Trends & Signals services include: benchmarking, trends reports, content curation, white paper writing, and weak signal briefings.

Analysis & Strategy

What are the future opportunities that might be exploited right now? Through rigorous methods of foresight, together we will identify a forward-looking action plan. You won’t just have a report in your hands, you’ll have a creative roadmap to your desired future.

Services offered include: Macro-environmental and multi-factor analysis, positioning analysis, strategic planning, business coaching.

Workshops & Training (Designing futures)

How can you think differently about the future of your organisation? Over the course of a few hours, we will stimulate new discussions around possible futures. Whether it’s about a specific topic or about foresight itself, you’ll never think quite the same way again.

Services include: team-building workshops, foresight training, conference curation and programming, storytelling of desired futures, or making a topic of your choice more approachable.


Catalina Briceño


Catalina is a researcher-practitioner at the Media School of Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She has been working on the digital transition of the culture and media sector for nearly 25 years. She assists decision-makers in private and public organizations to detect the factors of transformation and anticipate their effects on the cultural and media economy.

Catherine Mathys


Catherine has been working in media for over 20 years. With a sociological approach and a prospective outlook, she approaches possible futures with rigour and optimism. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Patrick Tanguay


Patrick thinks about the impact of technology on society, culture, and cities, to understand the world and imagine better futures. His curation and synthesis is documented in his Sentiers newsletter, read around the world by a variety of actors and leaders from a broad range of domains, including the creative industries and foresight.

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